To ensure a tranquil and enjoyable bathing experience, the Japanese Bath House limits the number of guests bathing at any given time. We highly recommend booking at least six weeks in advance by emailing us at to secure your preferred 3-hour time slot and avoid disappointment. Please note that all bookings are subject to availability, and without a reservation, we may not be able to accommodate you if we are fully booked. During peak months, we are often fully booked 2-3 months in advance for the bath house.

Bookings are essential for all packages, services, including Bath House access, accommodation, and additional treatments.

We require either a 50% deposit via internet banking or your Visa/Mastercard details to secure your booking.

We understand that circumstances may necessitate changes to your booking. Our 48-hour cancellation policy allows you to notify us of any changes 48 hours prior to your booking for day visit guests, and 5 working days for in-house guests.

To cancel or make changes, please email us at

Please refer to “Cancellations” on our web site for more info.

Visiting the Japanese Bath House

Upon arrival at your designated booking time, you may enjoy your stay within the specified duration outlined in your email confirmation. For day visit guests, this period is typically 3 hours for access to the general bath, while in-house guests have access all day during our opening hours. Please refer to our opening hours for more details. It’s important to note that treatments do not deduct time from your 3-hour bath session.

Please be aware that additional fees apply for sessions exceeding the booked time, with an hourly rate of $30 per person.

Bathing bookings made on the day of your visit, whether online or at reception upon arrival, are subject to availability. Without a prior booking, admission may not be possible if we are fully booked.

At the Japanese bathhouse, we accept cash and credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) and EFTPOS on site, with a 1.5% surcharge applicable for all transactions. Internet transfers is only accepted strictly at least 48 hours prior to the booked date.

For insurance reasons, we can only welcome children over the age of 15 to the Japanese Bath House and the entire property, including the car park. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

Our single entry as well as the day pass allows a communal bathing experience for all our public bathing areas.

We do offer private baths, as an addition to your Japanese Bath House experience. Indulge in a1 hour private bath, either followed by a massage or access to all the other exciting facilities. Find out more about our Private Bath packages under the corresponding tab.

Our goal is for all guests to fully experience the Japanese Bath House, whether you’re unwinding in our baths or exploring our scenic surroundings. An entry fee is applicable to all visitors upon arrival, regardless of whether you plan to use the public bath facilities after a private bath session. As our esteemed guest, we provide you with a locker key for securing your belongings, ensuring your comfort and convenience throughout your visit.

If you anticipate being late, kindly email our reservations team in advance of your scheduled arrival time at to discuss potential rescheduling options. Please be aware that if we are fully booked for the subsequent session, we may be unable to accommodate changes to your booking or massage appointment to maintain a serene atmosphere in the bathhouse. Late arrivals for treatments, bathing, and accommodation may necessitate a shortened duration of your experience. 

We do not offer discounted rates for Bath House bathing guests holding seniors, concession, or student cards.

Our goal is for all guests to relish their time at the Japanese Bath House, whether you are unwinding in our baths or simply accompanying your friends. An entry fee is applicable to all visitors upon entry, regardless of whether you intend to use the bathing facilities. We provide a locker key for each guest for your convenience.

The entry fee grants you access to enjoy the company of your friends, savor the scenery, and soak in the overall experience. Even if you are unable to fully immerse yourself in the baths, you can still enjoy a partial bath by soaking the lower half of your body or sitting on the edge of the baths with your legs in the water.

We do not offer spa treatments without bathing. To ensure complete relaxation of body and mind, the bath house entry fee is packaged with all spa treatments for optimal enjoyment.

We understand that after three hours of relaxation, it is easy to forget items, but please remember to collect your belongings and return any locker keys and hired Yukata (Japanese Robes) before departure.

In the event of misplacement or failure to return, replacement fees for locker keys and Yukata (Japanese Robes) will be as follows:

  • Locker key replacement fee: $35
  • Yukata (Japanese Robes) replacement fee: $130
What to bring and what not to bring?
Swimming attire should be made of synthetic materials for optimal comfort in the baths. Avoid wearing T-shirts and jeans, as they are not suitable for bathing. Please refrain from bringing cotton shirts or shorts to wear over swimwear.

Rash guards, board shorts, and other swimwear made from synthetic materials like lycra are permitted. You are welcome to wear your own gowns or cover-ups, but ensure they are not taken into the water, particularly when moving between baths.

Each person should bring a large bath towel, sufficient for wrapping around the lower half of your body. In case you forget to bring one, bath towels are available for purchase at $15 each for entry into the bathhouse. Bringing your own bathrobe is recommended and optional.

Water is available in the bathhouse area via flat paper cups. Alternatively, you may bring your own plastic or stainless steel water bottle for hydration during your visit.

Food and Drink 

Please refrain from bringing any food or drinks (except water) onto the premises. For those wishing to picnic before entering the bathhouse, we regret to inform you that we do not have designated areas for outside food and beverages on our property.

Bringing alcohol to the Japanese Bath House is strictly prohibited. Your safety is paramount to us, and we kindly request that patrons abstain from consuming alcohol 2-3 hours prior to using the baths. Combining hot baths with alcohol can significantly dehydrate the body and may lead to adverse reactions in our facilities.

Chemical products such as sunscreen and facial masks are unsuitable for use in mineral water and may lead to undesirable reactions for all guests. Please refrain from bringing any items containing chemicals into the baths.

Glass drink bottles are not permitted. Stainless steel or plastic water bottles are acceptable for use during your visit.

Pets are not allowed at the bathhouse due to its location in the outback, where native wildlife is abundant.

To prevent slips and falls, we provide each guest with a pair of slippers, which we recommend wearing around the bathhouse and in wet areas. If you prefer to bring your own, please ensure they are new and slip-resistant indoor footwear that has not been worn outside.

You are welcome to take photos of your group during your stay, but please be considerate of the tranquil atmosphere and the privacy of other guests.

Please DO NOT photograph or film others at the Japanese Bath House who are not part of your booking.

Ensure all phones are switched to silent mode, and please avoid talking on the phone while in the bathhouse.

You may charge your phone using one of the power sockets, but please remember to bring your own charger as we do not provide them onsite. The Japanese Bath House does not accept responsibility for any damage or loss of personal devices.

To access the reception area, you will first walk through a warm footbath as part of the bathing rituals. We recommend wearing clothing that can be pulled up approximately 15cm from the floor to prevent your pants from getting wet.

Towels, Gowns and WiFi

Towels and gowns are provided for all accommodation guests. Massage guests will receive gowns before their session, but are required to bring their own large bath towels.

For day visitors to the Bath House, gowns can be rented and towels purchased for an additional fee, or you are welcome to bring your own from home.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but we do not offer WiFi services on site.

Regrettably, our location’s uniqueness means we boast stunning views but have limited reception of any kind.


Yes, we cool down some of our pools during summer. These pools will vary in temperature, depending on the weather. As part of the process, the temperatures can help to detox from inside out, and release trapped heat.

 If you are visiting the Bath House for the day, you can hire  gowns and buy towels for an additional price or bring your own from home.

Absolutely, our most popular times of the year are during cold, rainy, and snowy days. This popularity is attributed to the unique experience of enjoying the warmth of the hot bath while simultaneously experiencing the elements on your skin. As your body temperature rises, it creates a surprisingly delightful contrast that adds to the overall experience.

Food and Drink

We offer simple Japanese cuisine and our organic herbal teas inside our tea room, available exclusively for bath house guests only. For additional dining options, the nearest town, Lithgow, features various restaurants.

Please note that outside food and drinks are not permitted at the Japanese Bath House and anywhere on our property. If you are planning a picnic or bringing a packed lunch, kindly consume before entering as eating and drinking are not allowed on site.

We do our best to cater to dietary requirements, however we cannot guarantee that there won’t be any traces of allergens within our kitchen. For more information regarding our menu options please contact the Japanese Bath House on

Pregnancy and Pre-existing injuries

Although pregnant women are not restricted from enjoying the baths, we strongly advise consulting with your doctor before making a booking. The baths have the potential to raise your body temperature, which may pose risks during your pregnancy.

We advise consulting with a doctor prior to entering our baths or receiving a massage. Any open wounds must be sealed with a waterproof dressing. While we do provide limited-sized waterproof dressings at the Japanese Bath House, if the wound is too large or still bleeding, individuals will be asked to avoid water contact in that area.

Our Water

At the Japanese Bath House our water flows from underground around 300 meters and gushes from the ground with all the mineral properties already.

We heat the natural mineral spring water using our 3 step system.

Throughout the day our systems filter, sanitize, adjust and maintain the content and cleanliness of the natural mineral rich spring water.

Our water consultants constantly monitor all of the baths  to keep a record and correct any impurities that may reach the baths. We take your health seriously and, in accordance with The Public Health Act, 2010, we do have a water treatment system which includes a small amount of chlorine in order to ensure the safety of all.

Gift Vouchers

All our gift vouchers carry a 3 year expiry from the date of purchase as of 2017.

Our gift vouchers are purchased as a value, and can be redeemed by emailing us with the gift voucher number on, please note all the gift voucher value must be used on the booking date. Please book at least 4-6 weeks ahead in order to secure your preferred date and time.

All of our gift vouchers are e-gift vouchers and will become available once payment has been approved. You will be able to print the gift voucher from your email, to present, or simply email the gift voucher to the. We recommend keeping the number in your email should the recipient lose their copy.

Once purchased all gift vouchers are non-refundable nor is  the value able to be redeemed in cash. Any unused amount on your gift voucher will need to be used on the booking date. To do this, when entering the gift voucher number, please select use balance on site in order for us to seamlessly cater your payment methods during your stay.

The gift voucher can be used by any person with the original gift voucher and number.

Any gift vouchers purchased after 2017 will carry a 3 year expiry date, and cannot be extended beyond this date.

For special circumstances due to the 2021 COVID lockdown please check the COVID reopening section of this FAQ page.

Location, Transport and Opening Hours

We operate every Friday through to Sunday, including public holidays, except for a one-month period dedicated to general maintenance every year. To plan your visit effectively, please refer to our opening hours listed under the “Our Onsen” tab.

Please note that bookings are necessary for all our services, including general bath house entry.

As a courtesy to all guests, we kindly request that all guests to vacate the baths 15 minutes before closing time. This ensures you have adequate time to shower, dry off, and dress after your visit.

Address: 259 Sir Thomas Mitchell Dr, South Bowenfels NSW 2790, Australia

Public transport options on the Japanese Bath House are limited. For Public transport journeying we suggest:

From Central Station, Sydney, please take the Blue Mountains Line to Lithgow (last stop). From Lithgow station, once you come up the stairs there will be a courtesy taxi phone on the wall in front of you. The taxi ride will take around 15 mins to from Lithgow station  to the Japanese Bath House. When going back to the station, our reception can call you a taxi. Please leave ample time (20-30 mins) for the taxi to arrive.

Long Weekends

We strongly advise booking online in advance to secure your preferred arrival time over the long weekends, as our slots tend to fill up rapidly. Please note that all long weekend bookings will be subject to a 10% surcharge, which will be reflected in the prices at checkout.