San Sui Kaku

Traditional japanese inspired accommodation with an appreciation of the natural beauty from the area.

This accommodation follows  the Japanese aesthetic of shibusa (渋さ) meaning the aesthetic of simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty. 

This package includes:

– 60 mins Asian Blend massage. Our signature massage is a blend of Japanese and Thai massage techniques. Using pressure points with energy channeling leaving stress behind while also being a muscle and mind relaxer. 

– A refreshing tea will be presented after your massage in order to slowly come back to reality. 

– A Yukata (Japanese Robe) will be provided before your massage and can be used throughout your stay.

– Locker hire

– Gifts to take home: slippers

– A day pass to use the public bath during operation hours on the date of check in. 

1 night accommodation

Package Breakdown Price for 2 people (1 room) Price for 3 people (1 room) Price for 4 people (1 room)
60 mins massage per person $500$750$1000
All day bath pass on date of check in $380$570$760
1 night accommodation $250$300$320

Optional Add-ons
Private Buro before massage (2 people only)$240
Aromatherapy oil (per person)$80