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At The Blue Mountains Tea Shack we are committed to your continued good health, our outstanding teas are available for sale both on the premises and through mail order.

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Herbal Infusion

Chamomile – this tea relieves tension and stress. 50g $10, 100g $18

Chrysanthemum –This soothing tea is recognised for its ability to subdue hyperactivity of the liver, improve eye-sight and ease headache caused by the common cold. Perhaps the relationship of these flowers being given on Mothers’ Day is because of its ‘soothing’ capacity. 50g $10, 100g $18

Dandelion –Dandelions suggest memories of childhood – in Australia in any case. It is organically grown and acknowledged for its ability to detoxify your body and is therefore recognised as a ‘Wonder’ tea for any troubles with gall bladder, liver and kidney. It will also reduce fluid retention 50g $10, 100g $18

Echinachea –a well known herb that aids vesicular stomatitits, colds, chills and influenza. 50g $10, 100g $18

Fancy Jasmine – Only the finest sprouts and flower petals from the plant are lightly roasted. Each leaf is then hand rolled into a tiny ball whilst warm. This process enables the preservation of natural aromas, which linger pleasantly in the mouth and throat. Just as with delicate jasmine perfume, the senses are titillated by the scent of this special tea. 50g $14, 100g $26, 200g $48

Ginko Biloba – This is the leaves of the Ginko plant, this tea improves the brain function, blood circulation and tissue oxygenation. This is great for improving memory and for asthma, shows promise as a treatment for vascular related impotence. 50g $10, 100g $18

Gotu Kola – This exotic sounding tea has received an exciting outcome after research, showing that this herb helps relive the pain of rheumatism and arthritis. It is known to stimulate the brain and its mental pathways and to have an antioxidant action on our body. 50g $10, 100g $18

Japanese Green Tea (Sen Cha), Japanese Roasted Rice Green Tea (Gen Mai Cha) – Green tea is known for its high contains of antioxidant and vitamin.  These 2 types of premium grade Green tea are loved for their distinctive aroma. 50g $10, 100g $18

Japanese Green Tea Powder (Matcha) – Matcha is a fine, powdered green tea used particularly in the Japanese tea ceremony.  When you drink matcha you consume the leaves, unlike other green teas. For this reason matcha contains, by volume, higher concentrations of catechins and vitamins. Other serving suggestions include ice tea, latte or milkshakes.  50g $11, 100g $20

Lavender Green Tea – After the careful steaming of the lavender flowers the oil content is removed leaving its unique perfume. It is famous for assisting headaches and nervousness – many an English lady of old, and still today, has been seen to place a lace handkerchief under her nose, delicately scented with lavender fragrance. To drink Lavender Tea you may serve it hot or cold to suit the season. 50g $10, 100g $18

Lavender & Peppermint Green Tea – This tea is a great favourite. It is invigorating and is a wonderful drink if you have an upset stomach, headaches and nervousness. For summer freshness, this tea served cold is a great thirst quencher and revives your spirits after the heat of the day has taken its toll. 50g $10, 100g $18

Linden Flower Tea – this is effective against dry coughs, ease pain from rheumatism. 50g $10, 100g $18

Little Ginseng – This grows wild in inner Mongolia. It contains amino acids, antioxidants and catechin, all substances reputed to help prevent cancer. Little Ginseng enhances the body’s immunological function and improves blood circulation. Native populations drink this tea as an everyday tonic to achieve a long and healthy life. 50g $13, 100g $24

Nettle Tea – The array of health benefits offered by this tea is almost magical, making it the ideal beverage for almost anyone. Not only is it an effective diuretic, Nettle has also been proven to relieve aches and pains due to arthritis and rheumatism, diminish the discomfort of hay fever and other allergic disorders while serving to dispel mucous trapped in the lungs. Its mineral content also improves conditions of anaemia and problems in the goitre. 50g $10, 100g $18

Pau D’Arco – The unique trait of this tea lies on its seemingly antiseptic properties in fighting bacterial and viral infection by cleansing the blood. To this end, it is the perfect tea to provide comfort to sufferers of aids, allergies, cancer, cardiovascular problems, inflammatory bowel diseases, tumors and ulcers. 50g $10, 100g $18

Peppermint – this is a wonderful drink if you have an upset stomach. 50g $10, 100g $18

Raspberry Tea – One of the most popular teas for women of all ages, it helps with female disorders ranging from menstrual cramps to morning sickness to hot flashes during menopause, truly bringing out the wonder and beauty of being a woman. 50g $10, 100g $18

St John’s Wort – Widely used for treating depression, this biblical sounding tea also helps overcome sleep disturbances, vascular cramping and pins & needles in hands and feet. A gloomy mind can be lightened with a cup of this tea. 50g $10, 100g $18

White Goddess of Mercy – An award-winning white tea, this tea does justice to its name, with a truly divine aroma and miraculous virtues parallel to those of the Iron Goddess of Mercy (Tek Kuan Yin). Not only is it supreme in aiding digestion and detoxifying the body, its exquisite natural combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants will keep your weight and cholesterol levels in check. 50g $14, 100g $26, 200g $48

Wolf Berry – A sweet berry that’s rich in Vitamin A, good for eyesight, building red blood cell and also nourishes the liver and kidneys. This is widely used in Chinese folk medicine and is a main ingredient in Blue Mountain Treasure. 50g $10, 100g $18

Yarrow The Ancient Chinese used Yarrow to relieve rheumatism, colds & flu, internal & external bleeding and haemorrhoids. They knew it stimulates the digestive system and encourages better blood flow to the skin. It also helps lower blood pressure and helps eliminate blood clots. 50g $10, 100g $18

Special Herbal Blends

Blue Mountain Treasure – This tea is an ancient remedy from the Oldest Chinese Palace . The Emperors used to drink it for its longevity and improving blood circulation. It contains 5 different herbs: Wolf Berry – a sweet berry good for eyesight and also nourishes the liver and kidneys; Longan Aril – tones the heart and spleen, nourishes the blood and calms the mind; Golden Sesame – rich in iron and helps to bring CHI (energy flow) around the body; Chrysanthemum which generally soothes and eases headaches caused by the common cold; Golden Oolong - removes fatty tissue and assists with Cholesterol levels. This tea blend is truly flavoursome and palatable whilst assisting many major parts of the body to function better. The aura of its ancient history should not only charm you but allow you to fully appreciate its benefits. Pack of 4 $14

After Dinner Tea – Theperfect after-dinner beverage, this tea is a wonderful blend of flavorsome fennel and refreshing citrus. Besides aiding digestion and stomach disorders, it is also a godsend in relieving gastrointestinal spasms and stomach distension by promoting the healthy function of the kidney, liver and spleen. 50g $11, 100g $20

Agili Tea – To enhance your agility in the fight against rheumatism & arthritis this tea will not only bring you relief from the pain of these uncomfortable conditions but with its ingredients of Gotu Kola, Dandelion, Yarrow and Wild Yam the inflammation will be lessened. 50g $11, 100g $20

Flu Blend – This tea helps to relieve sinus & chest congestion from cold & flu. The ingredients include Echinachea, Thyme, Sage, Balm & Ginger. 50g $11, 100g $20

Harmony Tea – At the start of the day, the ancient Chinese believe in your body and soul being in harmony with each other. Harmony Tea will help balance both your mind and your being, especially when you are over tired. 50g $13, 100g $24

Inner Relief Tea – While soothing and nourishing the lungs, the blend of fennel and marshmallow in this specialty tea works wonders to help in the expulsion of excess fluid and mucus from the lungs as well as providing a mild analgesic effect. The pleasant taste and astonishing health benefits of this tea make it a must try indeed. The ingredients include Fennel, Marshmallow, Golden Rod, Nettle. 50g $11, 100g $20

Lemon Grass & Ginger Tea – Coupled with the distinctive aroma of 2 cherished herbs, Lemon Grass & Ginger tea aids digestion while serving as an astringent, improving skin complexion and expels wind and damp from your system. While being delicious, it is also effective in relieving headaches and fevers resulting from flu, this indeed is the tea that blends beauty and health in a packet. 50g $11, 100g $20

Nettle, Peppermint & Raspberry Tea – A perfect blend for women.  50g $11, 100g $20

Potency Tea - Particularly identified with treating eczema because of its ability to strengthen the immune system. The ingredients include Burdock, Chamomile, Chickweed, Marigold and Red Clover. 50g $11, 100g $20

Tranquili Tea – No more sleepless nights if you have some of this before retiring. The Passiflora, Hops, Balm and Chamomile will help induce a state of real tranquillity. At any time of day if there is a need for relaxation, this mix of herbs will relieve a troubled mind. 50g $11, 100g $20

Women’s Friendly Tea – Main ingredients: Vervain, Scullcap, etc. (This blend helps the body make its hormonal adjustments and tonify the reproductive system. Suggestion - take 3 cups a day for 2 months) 50g $13, 100g $24

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Phone Orders: (02) 6352 3122